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Commercial Doors in Joplin MO do not have to cost a fortune. If you are involved in a commercial building project and need doors for your construction, check out Midwest Doors & Interiors before you go shopping at the larger companies. We offer affordable prices on all sorts of commercial doors in Joplin MO, from the exquisite to the simple. We provide amazing customer service, and guarantee your satisfaction with all our commercial door products. If you need commercial doors in Joplin MO, contact us today for a pleasant surprise.

Commercial Doors in Joplin MO

Midwest Doors & Interiors offers Commercial Doors in Joplin MO for new building projects, as well as for remodel projects.


Did you know that Midwest Doors & Interiors stocks commercial steel and wood doors, frames and hardware when time is of the essence? Whether it is for new construction, a remodel or repair we have the solution as we work closely with architects, contractors and end user’s to make sure your openings work and operate properly.

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Hollow Metal Steel Doors & Frames

Hollow Metal Steel Doors & Frames

We stock and supply a full line of quality hollow metal steel doors and frames. Primarily used as exterior doors, hollow metal doors provide greater security, greater energy efficiency, and are more durable for commercial and industrial buildings. Our stock doors and frames are constructed with galvanized steel which inhibits rust and lends to lasting durability.

At Midwest Doors & Interiors, we provide off-the-shelf knock-down frames, or we can custom fabricate metal frames to suit any building need or specification in the commercial, education and health care markets. Tremendous quality, affordable cost and made in the U.S.A.

We can also provide stainless steel doors and frames with some of the fastest lead times in the industry to help keep your project on time, which saves you money.

Custom size openings are no longer a problem with our manufactures. Fast lead times ensure that you can get what you need to secure your business, fast and without sacrifice to quality.

Our Hollow Metal Manufacturing Partners:

Premier Products • Rediframe (Dunbarton Corp.) • National Custom Hollow Metal • DKS Steel Doors & Frames • Deansteel

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Architectural Wood Doors

Architectural Wood Doors

Architectural wood doors provide flexibility and beauty to any interior space. Factory prefinished options, customizable and can be fire-rated up to 90 minutes.

Midwest Doors & Interiors will machine wood doors to meet any requirements, including windows, hardware and custom moldings, offering near-limitless design options for architects, contractors and building owners.

At Midwest Doors & Interiors we stock off the shelf architectural wood doors in red oak and birch, hinge and lock machined for our steel frames and ready for stain or paint when you need it fast.

Our Architectural Wood Door Manufacturing Partners:

ABS (Doormerica)


Stallion Doors

Millennium Doors (Doormerica)

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FRP Doors & Frames

FRP Doors & Frames

The properties of fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) make it ideal for a broad range of applications. FRP door and panel products offer structural integrity and resistance to many elements. Fiberglass is resistant to corrosive environments, it is not conductive and acts as an excellent insulator, nonmagnetic, provides great strength, lightweight, dimensionally stable and features a smooth surface that withstands cleaning agents and animal wastes. Fiberglass composite will not deteriorate or flake. In addition, polymer doors are very resistant to traffic abuse.

Our Fiberglass Door & Frame Manufacturing Partner:

Corrim Co.


ASSA ABLOY FRP w/ Aluminum Frames

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Community Storm Shelter Door Units

Community Storm/Saferoom & Shelter Door Units

Tornado Resistant Door and Frame Systems

Strong gusts of winds up to 70 miles per hour are not uncommon anywhere in the world, but sustained winds of that magnitude, or winds of higher speed, are generally associated with tornados.  

Damage can be caused by flying debris (referred to as windborne missiles). If wind speeds are high enough, missiles can be thrown at a building with enough force to penetrate windows, walls, or the roof.  An object such as a 2” x 4” wood stud weighing 15 pounds, when carried by a 250-mph wind, can have a horizontal speed of 100 mph and impact with enough force to penetrate most common building materials used today. 

Tornado resistant products to resist missile penetration for use in buildings designed as shelters to protect occupants from injury are now available up to 8'-0" x 8'-0" pairs.


  • Community Shelters
  • Storm Shelters
  • Disaster and Tornado Shelters
  • School Shelters
  • School "Safe" Rooms
  • Residential "Safe" Rooms

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Our Door & Frame Manufacturing Partners:

Ceco Door (ASSA ABLOY)


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Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial Door Hardware

No opening is truly functional or secure without the proper finish hardware.

Available in a variety of finishes and design options, Midwest Doors stocks off the shelf ADA compliant- Hinges, Push/Pulls, Door Closers, Crash Bar Exit Devices, Thresholds, Weather Stripping, Lock & Latch Sets, Stainless Steel Kick Plates and a whole lot more.

Lite Kits, Glass & Louvers are also available.

In addition, we offer the latest in electronic access controls and automatic operator mechanisms.

No job is too big or too small they just have to work.

Our Hardware Manufacturing Partners:

PDQ • Yale (ASSA Abloy) • National Guard • Pemko (ASSA Abloy) • Burns Mfg. • Rockwood (ASSA Abloy) • PBB Hinges • McKinney Hinges (ASSA Abloy) • Cal Royal • Detex • ABH (Architectural Builders Hardware) • Rixson (ASSA Abloy) • Select Hinges • Bulldog Fasteners

If you need it most likely we can help no matter the manufacture.

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Toilet Partitions & Accessories

Toilet Room Accessories

Our goal is to provide contractors, building managers with the best quality materials and service for all of their toilet partition, washroom accessories and locker room needs.

All of our bathroom stalls are manufactured by the best in the industry with only the most durable materials available.  

Toilet partition materials options include: Powder Coated Steel, Solid Plastic, Phenolic, Plastic Laminate and Stainless Steel.

We stock and supply a complete line of quality commercial toilet accessories such as: Grab Bars, Mirrors, Paper Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Signage, Baby Changers, Hand Dryers and more.

Our Supply Manufacturing Partners:


Global Partitions

ASI American Specialties Incorporated

All American Metal Corp.

Scranton Products


Brey-Krause Mfg.

TSM (Tubular Specialties Manufacturing)


ASI American Specialties Incorporated

Koala Care

Georgia Pacific

Kimberly Clark

Xlerator - Dyson

Airblade – World Dryer

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Automatic Door Activation Solutions

Access Ability Automatic Door Activation Solutions

We offer Detex automatic door openers with the push-n- go advantage for single or double door systems that are easy to install, heavy duty for high use and high abuse low energy applications. Detex provides standard features that meet & exceed the requirements of the American Disabilities Act.

Detex also offers additional products that make all your openings function for years with reliability outstanding quality that is made in the U.S.A.

For more than 30 years Wikk Access Ability switches and bollards are meeting and exceeding the requirements of ADA guidelines. So whether you have a wireless, hardwired or touchless application we will have you covered for you activation solution.

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Custom Accordion Doors

Custom Accordian Doors

Commercial to residential, institutional to industrial – you name the place, and Woodfold Accordion Doors can help define the space. Whether you need to divide a cold, cavernous room into more people-friendly areas, free up floor space, eliminate door fights in tight areas, or help reduce distracting noise, you won't find a better solution than a quality-crafted Accordion Door. And rest assured: whether it's installed at home or in a hotel lobby, you'll get the flawless functionality and lasting durability you'd expect from a Woodfold creation. Simply put, there's just no better choice.

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Custom Roll Up Doors

Custom Roll Up Doors

The epitome of functionality, yet graceful as the finest furnishing, Woodfold Roll-Up Doors add both security and aesthetics to any setting, residential or commercial. Sometimes referred to as counter shutters, each piece is precision handcrafted of solid hardwoods and painstakingly finished to match or compliment any décor or architectural detail. Whether at home serving to camouflage a wet bar, or working to ensure security in a bank or hotel, wood overhead coiling doors add an elegant finishing touch. For complimentary impact, consider adding a custom-crafted Accordion Door to your project, as well.

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Impact Doors

Eliason Corporation has been filling doorways with quality since 1952. They are the original and only manufacture of Easy Swing double acting impact traffic door.

Eliason doors open with a light assist and close automatically with a safe and gentle time delay action. They are supplied with surface mounted hardware, are easily installed and require minimal maintenance for years of trouble free operation.

Our dedicated team of customer service representatives can help you choose the perfect doors for your business, restaurant, retail store, supermarket, factory and many more applications.

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